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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I am so excited about this! It will be so amazing to see what God does the next nine week! Check it out:

This weekend we start our new series: Beyond.Ordinary...

Ever feel like you are just not good enough..? Have you ever said, "Well if I just had his talent, I could do that." or "Well if I was as smart and pretty as her, then that would be easy!"? God wants us to learn He designed us to be just who we are, but we can learn from the mistakes of others in order to grow into the people God dreams for us to become. Who you are is not who you have to be forever! What makes the Bible different from any other religious book, is that it shows the mistakes and flaws of its heroes! Most prophets and teachers from other religions are portrayed as perfect and almost superhuman... but the Bible shows us that God uses people who are very human. Some of the greatest and most recognized names in the Bible are ones that made huge mistakes and messed up, just like us. So for the next 9 weeks we will be looking at what we can learn from some of these Bible characters. Extraordinary lessons from ordinary people!

April 15th – Moses (Extraordinary Leadership)
April 22nd – David (Extraordinary Effort)
April 29th – Esther (Extraordinary Courage)
May 6th – Job (Extraordinary Patience)
May 13th – Jonah (Extraordinary Misunderstanding)
May 20th – Rahab (Extraordinary Risk)
May 27th – Mary (Extraordinary Love)
June 3rd – Peter (Extraordinary Faith)

Also... to help the students interact with the material, we are creating MySpace pages for every single one of these characters! Should be interesting to see how it works as we use something they already like to help them dig deeper into God's Word. Hopefully it will be successful, but either way it'll be fun... Look for them, new each week! It's hilarious...



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